Kinesiology is a natural therapy that evaluates the response of the muscles to detect imbalances in the body, and prevent disorders or correct them with the most appropriate treatment for the patient.

Kinesiology is a natural therapy that believes that mind and body are correlated, so the fact of taking care of the two aspects, also benefit the other.

The word kinesiology comes from the Greek ‘kinesis’ meaning movement, and can be defined as the study of movement. This discipline assesses muscle tone and movements of the person (or the problems that has to perform a particular movement) with the objective of identifying where in the body is the problem that the patient produces an imbalance, negatively influencing their physical or emotional well-being.

For that purpose a used muscle testing to assess the quality of response of different muscles. Since muscles are related to various organs and functions of the human body, and its response is not adequate if the system that feeds it – nervous, blood, lymphatic … – is blocked or suffer stress. Thus, through this exam experts detect dysfunctional areas and the implications this has on patient health.

After determining the disorder, the kinesiology’s used to solve various therapeutic procedures, unlocking problem areas, reducing stress, promoting blood circulation and oxygenation of the compressed areas, etc…

Often the specialist also uses treatments such as heat or cold on the treated area, sessions acupuncture combined, ultrasound, or electrical stimulation to increase the benefits of therapy. Kinesiology is also used to develop healthy lifestyles and assets and prevent the onset of mobility problems or ailments associated with poor posture or sedentary.

This discipline was born in the early 30s of last century, but was George Goodheart, 30 years later, which laid the foundations for what is now known as applied kinesiology, and since then has continued to evolve. In some countries like United States, Australia, or New Zealand, it is considered a profession in its own right and in time to be much more than a diagnostic or therapeutic supplement weight.

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