Indications and Contraindications Massage Chi Nei Tsang

Because theChi Nei TsangMassage encompasses both physical and spiritual side of man, this Taoist therapy is indicated for people with very different problems.

In this sense, those who have problems with stress or anxiety , or who accumulate tensions and fears for various reasons that are currently experiencing or who have suffered in the past, can be found in the Chi Nei Tsang to release that aid negative energy that accumulates in the abdominal area.

Also, Chi Nei Tsang massage can relieve people suffering from various digestive problems,from constipation oraerophobia, even irritable bowel syndrome. It can also be a supplement for weight loss, but always accompanied by proper diet and sufficient exercise.

It may also be useful Chi Nei Tsang for women who have been recently moms. Massage can help the abdominal muscles to regain the position after pregnancy, as well as alleviate the number of additional problems that often accompany pregnancy, such as hemorrhoids or heavy legs.

Chi Nei Tsang Contraindications

However, it is not recommended to start with a Chi Nei Tsang treatment until six weeks after giving birth, and always after consulting your doctor and is that just being pregnant is one of the contraindications to receiving a Chi Nei Tsang massage and brings IUD or a pacemaker. Also, this therapy is not indicated for people suffering cancer or thrombosis, and if other disease is suffering, you should ask the specialist before starting treatment, and discussed with the therapist to be knowledgeable of the health patient.

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