Indications and contraindications for massage Kobido

The Kobido massage can be a great option for those who just want a complete relaxing session. Although it is ideal for those who suffer stress and anxiety,so it is for those who want a quiet hour.

This type of massage from China is also perfect for those who suffer from migraines, to provide rest and relaxation for the mind as well as for people who have sore eyes (e.g., for spending many hours at the computer), and that relaxes facial muscles involved in vision.

Similarly, Kobidois beneficial for those suffering from bruxism because it reduces the effects of the disorder throughout the maxillofacial area. This therapy also some skin problems are mitigated as age spots, the psoriasis, or oily or dry skin.

Contraindications of massage Kobido

This type of treatment is not suitable for everyone. Those who have some type of skin rash caused by an allergy should not be, as it may harm them. Nor is it a therapy that gives the best result in people with some kind of scar recent internal or external, and the therapist should avoid the affected area face and not get a consistent result.

For patients who have excessively oily skin, acne,eritrosis or blotches, it is not ruled Kobido massage, but this will be at a slower pace and with less pressure to avoid these problems grow or cause pain. Thus, more sessions will be needed to get the full benefit.

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