How is Ayurveda massage session?

If you are thinking of cheer to discover the benefits of this ancient technique, we explain how Ayurveda massage session:

“Before giving Ayurveda massage various points as the type of analyzes skin, body structure, metabolism, digestion, sleep, etc.; all this through a brief chat helps the therapist assess the dosha or doshas predominant or imbalance in the person, and determine what kind of oil pressure and intensity will be employed during the session or sequence of treatment”.

Because the mind is as important in Ayurveda philosophy, try to work it is essential for the massage session for a fuller effect. To do this, as the specialist will massaging the body with oils, we should try to eliminate the thoughts of our minds and concentrate on relaxing the body and enjoy the session.

Glimmer, a suitable temperature, music soothing and selected essences, help patients get into that relaxed state that was completed with oils and hand movements of massage.

Each session usually lasts about an hour and a half, which usually have to add extra time for a chat with the expert, necessary to determine the characteristics of the doshas and its problems. Although prices can vary greatly from centers, mean rates around 50 euros per session though, as in many other types of massage , there are bonds of treatment that can bring down this price.

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