How is a Watsu session?

A Watsu session lasts about an hour, and the price varies between 80 and 120 dollars. It usually starts with the “Dance of breathing in the water” with the therapist receives the initial information as previous diagnosis while going with his forearms, contact the client’s body in the occipital and sacral area. This will keep for synchronous inter session in each of the actions you take professional: traction, movement, pressure, stretching and quiet time.

This whole series of movements are performed in harmony with the breath, as it also helps the body relax, as happens with the hot water in which the session unfolds. And, as was believed in ancient Egypt, “is in the water where our bodies are the freedom the soul is lost.”

“In the same way as in shiatsu,Watsu movement arises in the Hara (energy center that is physically located in the abdomen). Weight transfers start from there to build the movement in all directions of space with purity and effectiveness, fluidity and lightness “.

The therapist will modify their work based on customer response and the state in which it is located. So, you should, for example, go tapping the meridians in different positions or playing with water resistance to work each body part.


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