How is a typical massage session Chi Nei Tsang

Most often alsois going to a specialist to receive a ChiNei Tsangmassage. However, this type of massage you can also do yourself as part of a daily routine to take care of our overall health.

This, of course, have to be properly trained by a specialist necessary to perform maneuvers teach self-massage Chi NeiTsang. There are many centers that provide this type of training, and private lessons for the same purpose, although the latter exceed 350 euros on average can cost classes in a group.

However, go to a specialized center that will make Chi Nei Tsang massage that much more special and effective, as it allows getting deeper into the hands of a professional and feeling their movements in our abdomen relaxation.

Normally, the session starts with a soft abdomen preparing to go ahead later activity maneuvers. With these touches, always with the navel as the center point, the therapist will feel where the blockages are and what parts must work.

Thus, the massage should always be focused on the movements that must be applied and how it has to move his hands, forearms, elbows and even your feet (although this is very rare) to break those locks and release of Thus the energy. This is a gentle massage, but decided on the entire abdominal area and internal organs.

Also during the meeting, Chi Nei Tsang specialist usually teach the patient to breathe in the right way, and offer nutritional advice ; all with the goal of taking care of the patient to follow his “body center” once it leaves the establishment. In this regard, awareness of Chi Kung permit the breath control is more effective.

With a single session of Chi Nei Tsang, which can last from 20 minutes to 60, we can see improvements to physical or mental level, but ideally include this type of therapy in a routine that keeps a lid on emotions and tensions in this central part of the body. It would, therefore, not only a curative therapy, but also for preventive.

The price of each session of this massage are around 30-60 dollars depending on the center, specialist, and duration, although many offer several sessions bonds that make the price down.

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