How is a session of shiatsu

The practice of shiatsu is well regulated and today you can find certified centers in almost all US cities, and therefore in almost everyone.

A shiatsu session lasts approximately 30 to 90 minutes. Usually, the first session is the longest that includes the assessment of the health status of the patient. The average price of a shiatsu session usually around $40 per hour, approximately.

It will be the professional who will recommend the number of sessions and how often you should attend to improve your ailments though it is common that, at first, two or three sessions per week are received and then gradually reduce the number of a weekly session.

The therapy is done in a room with a comfortable temperature, on a table or mat. It is recommended that comfortable clothing views, ideally cotton, since for practical need not undress nor use creams or gels. It is possible that, to create a more pleasant environment and increase the effects of shiatsu, therapist use aromatherapy as a supplement.

Before you begin, the therapist will perform a preliminary recognition to detect the source and focus of your discomfort and then perform moderate pressure with your fingers and hands that provide heat in the affected areas.

The feeling being that after this session you will last several hours, even days. However, it sometimes happens that, after the first session, patients feel some pain or discomfort. Do not worryis normal and a part of the recovery process. In any case, if discomfort persists, discuss it with your therapist who will tell you what to do to feel better or to modify the therapy that discomfort does not occur.

Finally, do not expect to feel bad for resorting to shiatsu. Experts say this therapy just when we feel it is the best time to perform shiatsu sessions to strengthen our immune system and prevent future discomfort.


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