How is a massage Kobido

Because Kobido massage is extremely relaxing, the centers offer it in their catalog of services usually take care of the ambience of the room. So a place with soft music and a variety of line with the principles of good smells prepares aromatherapy, which make the client begins to feel better even before lying on the stretcher.

A generally Kobido massage session begins with a gentle, slow movements that seek to relax the patient to avoid tensions that hinder the normal development of the massage. When the therapist believes it is the right time to move on to the neck as fast as possible to activate blood circulation leading to facial skin oxygen and proteins necessary to achieve both improvement and repair of the epidermal tissues, such as the elimination of toxins. From there continues to massage all over the face and scalp, stimulating the muscles and skin to achieve the much desired rejuvenating effect.

Thus, when the movements are slow aims relax and drain, while the fast you try and stimulate skin protein production to achieve the desired lifting effect.

Phases Kobido massage

The Kobido massage has a number of phases with defined objectives:

  1. In the first it is to clean the face by own movements shiatsu and so prepare for subsequent drainage.
  2. In the second stage is searched and illuminate the skin stretching; for it, with organic products and by friction, the brightness is recovered and can hide the wrinkles and bags under the eyes.
  3. In the next stage, known as Japanese lifting, finger speed is increased to a maximum rate without causing pain to achieve smooth skin furrows.
  4. In the last phase of Kobido massage the pressure points on the head with that combat; even at this stage the therapist can focus on certain particular point where you encounter problems or injury.

Types of massage sessions Kobido

Inside the massage Kobido find three types of sessions vary in duration, and price, in the intensity and what we can do with each of them:

  • Method basic facial rejuvenation. This session is the simplest and what we will get will be both a relaxing and toning your skin. It is a good approximation to Kobido massage to see how we feel, if we see results and if you get to relax. It takes approximately 20 minutes and it sells for around 30 euros.
  • Method of facial rejuvenation. It a great state of relaxation is achieved while oxygenates and nourishes the skin thanks to the striking techniques, kneading and circular movements on the face. The duration is around 50 minutes and the price is about 60 euros.
  • Youth imperial ritual method. This session is separated into two stages, massage and energy. The first part is similar to the previous method and is a regular massage session Kobido, but the second helps to stimulate the flow of energy and balance by clicking on the appropriate points of the face. Its length is between 75 and 90 minutes and costs around 80 euros.

When Kobido treat with massage should be clear that several sessions are necessary, though six to eight are usually sufficient to see results. Anyway, does not require the same sessions a person than another, since the initial diagnosis and developments are never the same.

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