How does a hot stone massage performed?

In order to conduct geothermal therapy are necessary stones used hot or cold (approximately 50 °C and 8 °C). A total of 72 stones perfectly round polished and generally used; 54 of which are usually dark gray and volcanic-which allows them to retain the heat for more time-and the rest, 18, ​​are of white marble, but there are therapists who use quartz because of the magnetic properties that are attributed to this mineral.

Just start the session, the therapist will pre massage with essential oils that allow the stones to slide more easily through the body.

Then you begin therapy with hot stones, which rely on a certain number of points which usually are distributed in the head, back, hands, feet and thighs, and this will have some pressure (therapy static) while we massaged (dynamic therapy). Then feel how heat gradually relieved off the stones our muscles and simultaneously causes sweating.

After completing this process, finally proceed to the application of cold stones, whose main purpose is to balance our body temperature, while exerting a tonic.

The massage is about an hour, and after it is advisable to drink water to replenish minerals that have lost through sweat.

The price per session of a hot stone massage is around 40 euros, though, as it is usually several sessions per month, many specialized centers offer discounts to customers if they purchase bonds of five or 10 sessions.

Recommendations on the hot stone massage

A hot stone massage should only be done by qualified specialists. Usually therapists are often complementary studies, which are prepared for the use of the stones, and know both the energy points (chakras) and the right temperatures and the position and adjustment of the massage stones.

Another very important aspect is the sterilization of the stones, which must be properly sanitized to ensure the beneficial results of therapy.

If not done correctly geothermal therapy, or get no relaxation or energy balance we were looking for and can even burns to the skin if the person applying the stones do not know the right temperature in each case. With all this, the result will be far from the expected positive effects of such therapy.

Conversely, if the therapy is carried out properly, you will feel the benefits from the first session. In fact, it is usually several sessions a month to get bigger and better results.

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