Hands: how is a Swedish massage session?

Swedish massage can be slow and gentle or vigorous and bracing, depending on what style you practice the masseur and the objectives to be achieved: it is not the same as wanting to just relax to act on a contracture, for example.

Before the massage, the masseuse will ask you, in fact, on your overall health and why you’re there: what hurts, if you suffer any allergy or illness, pregnancy, etc… It is a first contact also serves to indicate your preferences on the pressure of the movements or do you want more emphasis area (the most popular massages are back and neck).

Then it will tell you where to stop and how clothes lay on the stretcher. In general, massage is applied to the naked body or underwear (many centers have disposable underwear for this task), but it always puts a towel on the side that is not working.

The cab must also be properly conditioned: clean with a soft light and pleasant smell, you can even put on relaxing background music. The masseur usually used aromatic oils or some cream to help in this task.

The Swedish massage technique

Although Swedish massage technique has been refined, the base includes the same moves he devised and Dr. Ling to be executed in a certain order, without raising his hands and at the same rate.

The massage begins with landslides sedative, to relax, or a friction to cause the body to go into heat. Then comes a move centripetally (towards the heart) so that the blood flow and renewal. Then the kneading is done, in order to tone and nourish the body’s muscles. The session can be completed with pressure, vibration and eventually apply new relaxing movements.

Although not necessarily follow that order usually begins lying face down and the first thing that works is the back.Then you must be around to massage the front of the legs, arms and finally the neck and shoulders. In general, a session lasts between 45 and 50 minutes but can be extended up to 75-90 minutes if you want something deeper.

Prices forSwedishmassage

The price of a Swedish massage varies greatly, depends on where you give it and the objective is not the same a relaxing one therapeutic massage, as they will not be the same even in a beauty center in a spa or specialized center, although generally not usually drop below 60 dollars.

Maybe if you’re going to make a treatment, is to buy a bond of at least six sessions, which tends to be more economical and more convenient if this is what is to mitigate any condition, as experts recommend.

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