Benefits of Watsu

Although it is a relatively modern technology, many studies supporting the health benefits of Watsu. It is certainly much more than just a relaxing massage, but obviously shares some of its effects such as decreased heart rate or breathing, as well as increased peripheral vasodilation, improving the lymphatic system with the consequent drain or stimulation system immune.

After a single session, you may see an improvement in the viscoelasticity of soft tissues, decreased activity or muscle spasm and pain between 40 and 60%.

However, long-term stress , anxiety , lack of quality in the dream , the lazy intestinal transit,fibromyalgia and other functional disorders, chronic pain or some types of arthritis and respiratory are some of the many health problems can be successfully treated with Watsu.

People who have trouble developing their functional activities because of pain, muscle spasm or mobility deficits may notice an improvement in their conditions, if they include Watsu in their treatment program.

Since pregnant women, by strengthening the bond between mother and baby, a post-mastectomy, to most people with orthopedic or neurological conditions can benefit from the therapeutic effects of Watsu. This is why Watsu is considered one of the most advanced forms of body work.

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