Massage For Infants and Toddlers

Massage can be applied for many different purposes and at different ages. However, for small massage has among its most important purpose of increasing the link emotional depth between parents and young, as no doubt that physical contact is essential for growth and proper development of children. A massage can be applied soon after the baby is born and during the first years of its development, and to do not need to be an expert or an expert, just have a good intention to do so and you know very simple things like the benefits you will bring to if your little, despite feeling a bit tired or dazed by the work involving a newborn, you see every day time and enthusiastic willingness to give a good massage.

Benefits of Massage for babies:

• Early stimulation of body movements (locomotors system)

• Activating blood circulation to your entire body, which will help to oxygenate your body

• Welfare mood in young

• Establish a close and deep relationship with your baby

• Help you have an early awareness of your body.

• Stimulation of pleasant sensations.

• Psychomotor stimulation system.

• Strengthening your muscles.

• We give vent stress and relax you.

Types of Massage for babies

If anything can boast today is the large number of proposals in a matter of massage and alternative health for baby and toddler. A variety of massages and, as you say, you do not need to be an expert, but as with everything, the more you know the more you can help your baby. Here are some techniques that you can begin to get an idea of ​​where you would like to apply with your baby: Methods for massage in babies:

  • The method of butterfly wing: very soft and especially suitable for newborns. This method derives from the bioenergetics therapy.
  • Hindu Massage: This massage is especially suitable for children or babies four months, since the massage is applied more firmly and rhythmically.
  • Reflexology
  • Acupressure
  • Friction
  • Games and stories on the skin: in this type of massage physical contact is accompanied by narratives that dad or mom is telling the child. This type of massage is extremely effective in helping your baby from an early age to develop your attention, your imagination and creativity. In addition, this massage the basic principles of language develop.
  • Therapeutic Massage: This type of massage is indicated for children with any disability or condition. In this case, it is always advisable the guidance and instruction of a professional.

A massage for babies three months and older: Here is a type of massage very easy to perform and for which you must follow to the letter our indications for massage is really something you enjoy and is beneficial for your baby.

Adequate pressure and patience Before you start, you need to know how much pressure you have to put in the massage. For this, put your fingers on your eyelids and gently massage your eyes. This way you will know the level of pressure that should print the body of your little baby. It is very important that if you perceive impatient or try to relax or suspends massage for when you find a more appropriate time rush. Never give your baby a massage in hurry or a bad mood, they should always feel your patience and tenderness, if registered massage your impatience will be neither helpful nor emotionally nourishing. In small areas like the cheeks, fingers or feet, using the fingertips to gently press and in larger areas like the back, forearms and legs, use your fingertips to massage. The movements should be slow and rather always caressing. Before you start to give the massage is good baby skin lubricated with some oil, so it is recommended that the massage when the baby just bathed, thus more able to enjoy the massage. Use soft soil like grape seed or that is special to this stage. Avoid too lubricate skin with little absorb oils, as the nut.

Massage: Face: here must quibble the tips of your fingers, very gently, you can start cheeks using circular movements, do it slowly, and still gently across her forehead, down your nose and into your mouth, here you almost practically petting, without leave the circular motion. Then down her chin and on to her neck with descendant’s movements until you reach your arms.

Arms: the pressure in the arms should be with your index finger and thumb; the thumb will provide support and move the index finger pressing gently in circular movements. You can start at the shoulder area and go down slowly until you get to the wrist and hands. In the palm of your hands you have to do a circular pressure with both fingers, which move across the palm of the hand, deviating when required to each finger. Finally, let your baby squeeze your thumbs with his hands and his arms opened and closed like a butterfly. Then up and down his arms, stretch them without pulling too much and then lower them. You can switch quickly up one arm while the other goes down.

Back: back can use the palm of your hand and press gently in circular movements. When you’re massaging your back is necessary that the baby is face down on a firm surface. Most likely raise your head, let it in this position for a while, it is very beneficial to strengthen your neck and back.

Legs: the massage is done with the palm which slides gently with circular movements. Get to your feet and tighten them gently cares to go through all their fingers. Then, bend your knees and thighs gently pressed against his body. Finally massage, a little wheel your baby like a roll of paper from one side to the other. Do not forget, before giving each massage, wash your hands thoroughly and, if you like, and add some music like Bach or Mozart for babies to acclimate him time.